Philipp Buhofer studied business administration at HWV Lucerne. After several years of working as a procurement manager at Metro International in Europe and Asia he transferred to EPA AG in 1987. There, he was active in managerial roles in the procurement and sales departments. From 1997 up to the transfer into Coop in 2003, Philipp Buhofer was member and president of the board of directors at EPA AG. Beside his involvement at DAX Holding AG, today he is active in the boards of multiple industrial corporations, among them as the president of the board of directors of Cham Group AG (OTC) as well as a member of the board of the listed Kardex Holding AG and Schaffner Holding AG.

Philipp Buhofer is supported by Sandra Weibel. Sandra is trained in business administration (HWV). Before joining DAX Holding AG she was active in various companies in the finance industry.

Isabelle Fries has been active for DAX Holding AG since 2015. In the position of head of finance she is responsible for all financial aspects of the organisation. The finance expert NDS HF has many years of experience in national and international companies. Ms. Fries appreciates the versatility of her tasks and the cooperation with the subsidiaries.

The Board of Directors of DAX Holding AG consists of
– Philipp Buhofer
– Michèle Buhofer
– Pius Rogger